Every aviation journey is different. Whether you’re finally pursuing that dream of becoming a pilot or want to extend your knowledge and improve your aviation skills, our highly personalized pilot training programs will help you reach new heights.


Begin your flight journey with our one-on-one private pilot program. Our instructors provide the necessary hours of extensive training as mandated by the FAA. During this in-depth training, you’ll learn how to navigate the skies with confidence in our brand-new, air-conditioned Cirrus SR 20, owned and operated by Stature Aviation.


One of the most thrilling aspects of flying is not being limited to only flying in clear skies but relying on the aircraft’s advanced instruments to safely reach your destination. In this program, you will elevate your piloting skills by learning how to fly in low-visibility conditions and harness a level of expertise that enables you to explore beyond the clouds.


If aviation has evolved from a hobby into something more, Stature Aviation offers advanced commercial training for anyone interested in becoming a commercial pilot or even a Certified Flight Instructor.


From maintenance to the control panel, master every aspect of the aircraft. Available for licensed pilots, this training is meant for those interested in learning and transitioning to a Cirrus aircraft. We also offer ongoing training to help you improve your aviation skills for enhanced safety in the cockpit.