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Selling an aircraft goes beyond listing it online and can be quite time consuming. Most of our buyers come from our extensive network of relationships in aviation. Let us handle the work and get creative in working all possible avenues to get you the most for your plane.

Our brokerage services include:

  • Detailed market pricing analysis

  • Coordinating aircraft detail and any necessary inspections or repairs

  • Photography and marketing

  • Access to our extensive network of potential buyers

  • Being the direct point of contact for answering inquiries and questions from potential buyers about your aircraft and detailed information about ownership, for a hassle-free transaction

  • Aircraft showings and demo flights with qualified buyers

  • Contract and pricing negotiations

  • Coordinating of Pre-Buy Inspections

  • Coordination of Escrow and Closing Documents 

  • Coordination of Delivery



Leasing out your aircraft is a great way to absorb some of the costs of ownership, and we ensure you never have to worry about the upkeep or maintenance. The aircraft are always kept in pristine condition, and we do Cirrus maintenance in-house. Our fleet is used primarily for instruction, and we allow fully vetted qualified renters.

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Ready to get on the waitlist and customize your new Cirrus? Leverage our expertise at no charge to you. We work closely with the sales team at Cirrus Aircraft to ensure smooth order and delivery, answering any questions about aircraft ownership along the way.


Not flying enough to justify the cost? Whether you already own a plane or are looking to acquire a new one, you can enjoy ownership at half the cost. Join our partnership database to get matched with a qualified partner according to your budget, location, and flying schedule.


Cirrus for Sale Dallas


Purchasing a plane is an exciting and in-depth process. Stature Aviation will walk you through the process to select the perfect option for you, your family, and your business. 


Acquisition services include: 

  • Detailed analysis of your needs and the current market to select a plane that fits your mission and budget

  • Access to our unparalleled network of contacts to discover off-market opportunities

  • Offer submittal and price negotiations

  • Member of our team will travel to aircraft and perform visual inspection and photos

  • Scheduling of test flights, ferry flights & Pre-Buy inspection

  • Logbook Review and Pre-Buy Inspection Review by our Director of Maintenance to ensure you are purchasing a quality product

  • 10% off labor for Pre-Buy Inspection performed by Stature Aviation

  • Setup of escrow account, getting necessary documents to escrow agent on time and communication with seller over any concerns

  • Recommendations for everything from financing to insurance to tax consultants, we have you covered

  • Coordination of delivery

  • Negotiate and ensure JetStream is accounted for and successfully transferred (SF50).

  • Coordination of Flight Training

  • Coordination of Aircraft Management

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