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flight training addison tx


Catering to the needs of busy professionals, we offer flight training on YOUR schedule. With convenient locations in Addison and Forth Worth, our facilities are open 7 days a week. Embrace flexibility with standard lessons lasting 3 hours, allowing you to train as frequently as your schedule permits. We understand that aviation may not be a career path for everyone. That's why our training approach is not only proficient but also designed to be enjoyable. Benefit from our structured lesson plans, providing a clear roadmap for preparation and optimal time utilization in every session. Join us on an adventure where excellence, quality, and safety converge.

Gain the expertise to confidently navigate the Cirrus through reduced visibility conditions, relying solely on aircraft instruments. This invaluable rating not only enhances your skills but also ensures you become a better and safer pilot. Maximize your training efficiency by taking advantage of our Advanced Flight Simulator, in which you can complete up to half of the required 40 hours for the Instrument Rating.


Experience the sheer thrill of learning to fly in one of general aviation's safest and most innovative aircraft. Our Cirrus-Certified flight instructors provide personalized training in new cutting-edge Cirrus SR20s. Train at your pace, with flexibility to accommodate your schedule. Benefit from personalized, one-on-one training sessions with your instructor, ensuring that the program is tailored to meet your individual needs.


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Embark on a thrilling adventure with a Discovery Flight guided by our expert Platinum Cirrus Training Center Instructors aboard the state-of-the-art Cirrus Aircraft. This unique experience allows you to take control and discover the essence of flight training in a Cirrus Aircraft. The atmosphere is casual and pressure-free, providing an ideal starting point for anyone contemplating flight training at Stature Aviation. Get a taste of the skies with us!


flight training addison tx

Elevate your aviation journey and open doors to potential income by pursuing a Commercial Pilot Certificate. Our comprehensive Commercial Pilot Program is designed to introduce you to a range of advanced maneuvers, including lazy eights, chandelles, and power-off approaches. Each maneuver demands a high level of awareness, coordination, and precision, shaping you into a safer and more confident Cirrus Aircraft pilot.


Unlock the full potential of Cirrus aircraft with our specialized Transition Training Course. Designed for pilots new to flying a Cirrus, this instructor-led program provides a unique opportunity to enhance your flying skills while familiarizing yourself with the intricacies of the Cirrus experience. This insurance-endorsed course results in a Cirrus Aircraft Transition Certificate that not only signifies your mastery of Cirrus-specific skills but also grants you eligibility to rent aircraft from Stature Aviation or other trusted Cirrus Partners.


Stature Aviation is pleased offer complimentary Cirrus Embark Transition Training to licensed pilots who are acquiring a Pre-Owned Cirrus Aircraft. This comprehensive course focuses on mastering essential elements, from precise aircraft control to in-depth avionics understanding and standard procedures. The program satisfies most insurance requirements, ensuring a smooth transition into your Cirrus ownership experience. Immerse yourself in up to 3 days of intensive flight training at Stature Aviation, guided by Cirrus instructors to enhance your proficiency and boost confidence at the controls.


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This flight-based syllabus focuses on accomplishing a comprehensive flight review, ensuring that pilots demonstrate proficiency in their aircraft. The course delves into crucial maneuvers and procedures, providing a thorough review to elevate your skills.


Flight Time: 2.0 Hours (estimate)



For pilots operating in Instrument Meteorological Conditions (IMC), the IFR Recurrent Training program is the key to maintaining proficiency and safety. This flight-based syllabus reviews essential knowledge and flight skills crucial for safe operations in IMC. The course covers flight planning and instrument flight procedures, ensuring pilots demonstrate proficiency while navigating in challenging conditions.


Flight Time: 2.0 Hours (estimate)

  • Flight training is based on proficiency and the duration of your course is determined by your training frequency. For optimal progress, we recommend 3 lessons per week, subject to your schedule availability.

  • Private Pilot: 40 flight hours (on average it takes closer to 70)

    Instrument: 50 hours cross-country as PIC, 40 hours Instrument 

    Commercial: 250 flight hours

  • A standard lesson is 3 hours in length, however these can be adjusted depending on your schedule. Many students opt for longer lessons on days they have availability.

  • Yes! Our facilities in Addison and Fort Worth are open 7 days a week.


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